Alyssa Lynough Weber, ASP, CSP

Alyssa Lynough Weber, ASP, CSP

About Alyssa

Alyssa is the Professional Development Chair of ASSP's Young Professionals in OSH Common Interest Group (CIG). She is also a member of ASSP's Greater Boston Chapter and the Women in Safety Engineering CIG.

Why did you continue to attend the Annual Professional Development Conference?

I attend the ASSP PDC because I love coming and learning so much information and meeting with like-minded people. You interact with a community where there is bound to be someone that has had the same challenges you have. It is amazing to be able to tap into that network.

I had a really hard time deciding which concurrent sessions to attend, because they're all really amazing and there is something here for everyone. There's such a variety of things to do and learn.

This year, I noticed that there was an increased focus on risk perception and risk assessment in the sessions I attended. I think that these topics are driving our field to excellence. It’s great to see us moving to a more prevention-focused mindset.

I love the energy of the PDC. It’s a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where everyone is excited to be here.

Why did you join ASSP?

My supervisor sat down with me and told me they wanted to develop me professionally and that the first thing to do was for me to join ASSP.

Professional Safety, which is probably the best professional journal for safety, going the conferences, having access to ASSP's web portal, the job portal—it just seems silly not to be a member. It is a great investment.

How has joining a common interest group made an impact on your career?

Volunteering for the Young Professionals CIG has opened a lot of doors by giving me an ability to meet all sorts of safety leaders and other professionals within the society, as well as an opportunity to learn a lot.

Most safety professionals come to the profession after working in a related job, such as a chemical engineer. Or, they start on the shop floor and work their way up. Everything my colleagues have learned, they learned the hard way. I am from the new generation of safety folks that went straight to school. I went to college for safety.

The Young Professionals group gave me an ability to connect with other young professionals who also might be thinking about the awkward situation of working with or having people who are old enough to be your parents report to you. Being able to talk about these types of situations has been a huge help to me. The best thing I've learned is that young professionals are not alone.

Safety As A Career

I think being a safety professional is a rewarding career decision. I go to work every day knowing that I’m making a difference. There's not many jobs where you can have that sort of satisfaction.

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