Jaime Ingalls

Jaime Ingalls

About Jaime

After 10 years of full-time teaching Occupational Health and Safety in higher education, I am now working for Ferro Productions – FerroCity Safety as a Concept Development Representative, VP out of New York City.

How would you describe your PDC experience or why do you continue to attend?

I have been attending the ASSP Society Safety PDC since 2014 in Orlando. After that first PDC experience, my passion for improving on the future of safety and playing an engaged role in safety leadership at local and global levels was re-energized! There is no other event for those in the safety field to expand on their education, experience the latest technology, and make lifelong networking connections.

How did you select safety as a career?

As an undergraduate student, I was one semester away from completing my secondary education teacher certification and history degree when I decided to take a semester to explore some classes I had always been curious about. One of those classes was Safety Awareness. During that course, I realized that I wanted to continue to be in education, but at a different level. A career in safety would help me be an active change agent in reducing or eliminating the occupational health exposures that had taken the lives of my grandparents and made my father terminally ill.

Why did you join ASSP?

When I first joined, I had no idea how much the organization would impact my professional and personal development. With every new leadership role within ASSP, I become an improved safety professional and person. I continue to be a member because of the safety leadership, professional development, and networking experiences that are second to none!

Why do you to turn to ASSP for your OSH education?

The educational opportunities provided by ASSP deliver materials to the user that are created by the most coveted and recognized professionals in their fields from all over the globe. From in-person seminars to online courses, there are methods for any style of learning that best suits the student. The material is constantly updated with the latest research to ensure the participant is getting the best information possible.

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