Melissa Rohrer, CHST

Melissa Rohrer, CHST

About Melissa

For the last 20 years, I have worked for D&L Electric Company, Inc. located in Houston, Texas. I was promoted to the Safety Director in 2013.

How would you describe your PDC experience or why do you continue to attend?

I would describe my PDC experience as one of greatness. As a Safety Professional the PDC offers many opportunities to meet like-minded individuals who are experiencing the same challenges and situations I may experience in my place of employment. I continue to attend the PDC for learning possibilities, the great networking groups, and the overall welcoming atmosphere the PDC gives to attendees. There are many different faucets attendees can dive into from learning sessions, networking, and career resources. There is something for anyone who attends.

How did you select safety as a career?

My first desire to work in safety came when a friend of mine died in an on the job accident and the nature of the accident resonated with me. It planted the seed to help find ways to improve workplace safety. I have always had a heart to help and serve but it wasn’t until I started college and attended safety related classes that I knew, that occupational health and safety is what I wanted to do in life. I enjoy helping my fellow co-workers learn how to work safe and it is rewarding to know I am helping them go home each day to their families.

Why did you join ASSP?

I joined ASSP as a student member after my professor at University of Houston-Downtown, Albert Condello, encouraged us to join and get involved as a method to grow as Safety Professionals as well as network with other Safety Professionals. The many benefits of membership such as the Professional Safety Journal, networking opportunities, Common Interest and Practice Specialty Groups, webinars, mentorship, and Community Portals are great tools. One of the greatest benefits of membership is the mentorship opportunities and the ability to reach out to other Safety Professionals when you need guidance or direction with a topic or issue.

Why do you to turn to ASSP for your OSH education?

ASSP is known for their dedication to the safety profession by providing training and education that can be put in to practice to improve conditions. I know I will receive education from those who are passionate about safety and help me grow as a Safety Professional.

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