Giant Leaps: Looking at the History of Our Safety Conference

Safety 2018 will be our 57th annual Professional Development Conference.

In that time, it has changed from an intimate luncheon to a larger-than-life safety convention and expo, hosting thousands of the world’s best safety professionals and dozens of industry experts from top-performing companies. When we launched it back in 1962, the theme was “The Next 50 Years” with a focus on “Man in the Space Age.” This year, we are also coming together to work toward a safer, stronger future, considering the technology of our time that sparks our imaginations and makes us wonder about our place in the universe.

Instead of hearing from NASA about our country’s race to the moon, we’re taking time to think about artificial intelligence here on earth: What are the safety and cultural implications of self-driving cars or robots that can perform complex tasks? Instead of looking at the next 50 years, we’re making historic decisions that have the potential to last much longer.

The Society is taking one giant leap in particular at the 2018 PDC, introducing a new name that reflects the reality and diversity of our membership. You will be seeing the phrase “We Are Safety Professionals” a lot this year, and that’s about much more than the fact that members will now belong to the American Society of Safety Professionals. It’s about celebrating every single person in our vibrant community and committing even more fully to our values: supporting and advancing our member community, standards, education and the safety profession.

To celebrate our many years of providing top-notch educational opportunities to occupational safety and health professionals, we looked back on more than five decades of photos, articles and advertisements in Professional Safety. Here are a few of the highlights.

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For more than 50 years, the ASSP’s Professional Development Conference has been and will continue to be the direct reflection of what is taking place in the occupational, safety and health industry.

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