What to Expect from the Safety 2018 Plenary Town Hall Debate

View the recap from the Safety 2017 Town Hall Debate: BBS at a Crossroads - Understanding the Human Side of Safety Performance Improvement

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The Safety 2017 plenary town hall was a spirited discussion of this topic, examining the human element of safety performance, the history and evolution of BBS, as well as the recent shift to new ways of thinking, such as HOP. The conversation focused on the merits of the different viewpoints, with stories from safety professionals and business leaders on how the two schools of thought can be applied to safety management.

The question remains – if companies want to move their systems to BBS or HOP, how do they do that? At the Safety 2018 plenary town hall debate, Operationalizing It!, an expert panel of safety professionals will attempt to answer that question through a collegial debate on the issue.

Moderated by Dr. Tom Krause, the town hall will once again feature Dr. Scott Geller and Dr. Todd Conklin, providing their insights into how these approaches can foster safety improvement and strengthen relationships between workers, safety leaders and business executives.

Joining them in the discussion will be a power panel of safety executives from some of the world’s top companies. Laurie Shelby, vice president of EHS at Tesla Motors; Al Johnson, vice president, environment, health and safety at Cargill; and Ellis Jones, senior director, Global EHS&S at Goodyear, will provide stories from the front lines, share their experiences in addressing safety challenges and how business can transition to BBS or HOP.

The discussion will focus on how companies can put these different safety management philosophies into action. The panelists will also discuss how safety leaders can work with their CEOs and operational leaders to align these methods with business objectives to improve safety performance and prevent SIFs.

Safety 2018 attendees should anticipate a lively debate on several issues, including the role of senior leadership in SIF prevention, how employee behavior and ineffective workplace systems can lead to SIFs and the most effective ways for safety leaders to engage senior executives.

Attend this general session Tuesday, June 5, from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. to learn how you can put these different safety management philosophies into action. During the town hall, Krause will be taking questions from the audience, so attendees should come prepared with questions about how to apply BBS or HOP in their business.

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