General Sessions

The general sessions at Safety Conference and Expo are a special opportunity to come together and share in a common experience and message. Get energized, learn something new and be inspired to make the most of your conference experience.

The opening general session kicks off Safety 2024 on Wednesday morning and sets the tone for the next three days of learning, sharing, and connecting. Our expert panel session and live Q&A session with OSHA both focus on what’s next in safety. We reunite for a final time at the closing general session on Friday afternoon to pause and reflect before saying goodbye to new connections and old friends.

All general sessions will be held in the Mile High Ballroom.

  • Wednesday, Aug. 7 | 8 – 9:30 a.m. MT

Empower Your Teams With Positive Accountability

Artbeat Live
Jessica Kriegel, Ed.D.
Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture, Culture Partners

Discover innovative strategies to elevate personal and professional accountability, driving growth and success in your organization. Join Dr. Kriegel as she unveils her four data-driven steps to enhance accountability in any situation, transforming your organizational culture. Learn how to empower your teams to take ownership not only of their individual actions but also of the organization's overall success. Gain a deeper understanding of how accountability can activate your teams and acquire a toolkit of powerful habits based on proven accountability methods. Explore Dr. Kriegel’s two-part strategy for fostering shared ownership to infuse purpose and meaning into daily work.

Leave equipped with actionable insights and practical tools to engage your teams, helping them recognize their contributions to achieving business goals and take an active role in your organization's impact.

Dr. Jessica Kriegel is chief scientist of workplace culture for Culture Partners, leading research and strategy in best practices for driving results through culture. As a data scientist, her mission is “quantify culture.” Her doctoral research and practical application through consulting engagements led to the Culture Equation, a tested model where strategy combines with culture to deliver consistent results. In her work today, Kriegel applies data-driven insights to help organizations increase morale, improve performance, and meet financial goals.

A Message from Dr. Jessica Kriegel,

Opening Keynote Speaker

Get to know Jessica and get excited for our opening keynote with this message to our attendees.

A Message from Dr. Jessica Kriegel,
Opening Keynote Speaker

Get to know Jessica and get excited for our opening keynote with this message to our attendees.
  • Thursday, Aug. 8 | 1 – 2 p.m. MT

Artificial Intelligence In EHS: Conquering Fears And Embracing Frontiers

Panel Session

Dive into the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence (AI). Our panelists will explain the transformative potential of AI technologies in shaping the future of work, improving worker safety and elevating the EHS profession. Explore practical strategies for harnessing AI to enhance productivity, streamline processes and drive innovation in your organization. From dispelling common fears to embracing emerging opportunities, our panelists will offer actionable insights to help you navigate the AI landscape with confidence. This thought-provoking discussion is sure to expand your outlook and identify the next steps you can take to leverage AI for professional growth and organizational success.


Kevin Slates, Ed.D, M.P.A., CSP
Clinical Associate Professor, Applied Health Science, Indiana University


Matt Law, Dr.PH., CSP, REHS
Manager, Safety Strategy, W.W. Grainger Inc.
Natasha Porter
Chief Customer Officer, Benchmark Gensuite
Boris Kiprovski, ASP, CHST, C-MESH, SSTM
EHS Director, Skanska USA Building Inc.

  • Friday, Aug. 9 | 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. MT

An OSHA Update

Doug Parker
Assistant Secretary of Labor

Assistant Secretary of Labor Doug Parker will discuss the latest OSHA activities to improve workplace safety, including updates on rulemaking priorities, enforcement actions and outreach initiatives. The session will also include an interactive Q&A featuring questions submitted live by our attendees.

  • Friday, Aug. 9 | 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. MT

Thinking Inside the Box: How Tough Times Fuel True Creativity & Innovation

Kyle Scheele
Author, Speaker and Patron Saint of Crazy Ideas

We’ve all felt held back by lack of resources or support. But the truth is, real creative work thrives within constraints. Discover how limitations can foster creativity from examples like Apollo 13’s square filters in round tubes. Gain insights on navigating challenges, reframing limitations and finding solutions that will lead to better outcomes in your organization. Leave equipped with tools to overcome creative blocks and thrive. Don't miss this opportunity to reframe your beliefs about creative constraints and redesign your approach to problem solving.

Kyle Scheele has been called “the patron saint of crazy ideas.” Whether he’s having a Viking funeral for the regrets of 21,000 people or hosting the world’s first fake marathon, he is always on the lookout for ideas that produce outsized outcomes. Scheele’s projects have been featured in outlets like Fast Company, WIRED, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed and more. He has spoken to hundreds of thousands of audience members across the U.S., sharing his story to inspire others to chase their own crazy ideas and become the people they were meant to be.

A Message from Kyle Scheele,

Closing Keynote Speaker

Meet Kyle and find out more about the message he’ll share with our attendees to close out our time together at Safety 2024.

A Message from Kyle Scheele

Closing Keynote Speaker
Meet Kyle and find out more about the message he’ll share with our attendees to close out our time together at Safety 2024.
  • Wednesday, June 29 | 1:45 PM CST

Just Keep Pushing

Devon Harris
Devon Harris
Closing General Session

Devon Harris knows the power and pain of overcoming inertia and pushing beyond. Devon's incredible story brings a whole new perspective on the quality of persistence and will close our time together at Safety 2022.

Raised in a violent ghetto in Jamaica, Devon could have allowed his environment to keep a chokehold on his life, but he learned how to push past the gangs and drugs by using the power of visualization to imagine greatness. His vision ultimately manifested in a life that took him from the ghetto to the prestigious Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in England, to becoming a three-time Olympian with Jamaica's original bobsled team. It was Devon's determined focus and persistent vision to achieve something greater that carried him farther than those who gave in to their destructive environment.

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